Metacube believes in offering holistic services to its customers that align with their overall needs and goals. We have often expanded our portfolio of services to meet specific requirements of customers ensuring that they do not have to spend resources and time in searching for additional vendors. We fully understand how difficult it is to start and nurture a win-win trust based relationship.

The custom services that we have offered over the years include system integration and implementation services, market research for product and pricing data, content collection and transformation, customer support and training.

System Integration and Implementation Services

Metacube has extended the scope of its service offerings to software product companies and now provides system integration and implementation support to these companies, especially in the Asia Pacific region. These companies can rely on Metacube to implement their software at client site, integrate it with other systems, train the users, and provide ongoing support.

This extends the reach of a software product company, and enables it to scale up quickly in servicing its far flung clients. It helps in cutting the response time, and also in reducing the cost of the integration and implementation.

Market Research

Metacube has been offering product development services to some of the leading market research and analysis companies in the consumer and enterprise technology space. These products draw upon historical and current market data related to products, sale and pricing.

Other than developing the products, Metacube has also provided web based periodic research services for collecting, cleaning and massaging the required products, sale and pricing data.

Customer and Technical Support

Metacube has also worked closely with some of its customers to provide support to their end clients. Most of these engagements have been offline, using web based case management systems. Our team takes the complete responsibility for the analysis and resolution of cases; which could involve interaction with customers over case management system, email, chat or phone.

We also take up technical support services which require configuration or limited custom development.

Corporate Training

Metacube offers product training on behalf of its customers. Metacube also specializes in offering customized corporate training programs in software engineering processes, design principles; and specific platforms like J2EE, .Net and