Open Source Software (also known as OSS) has emerged as a powerful new paradigm for development, maintenance and enhancement of software through collaborative efforts of developer and user community. Open Source Software, as the name suggests, promotes the availability of source code to the entire community; and grants the rights to study, change and improve the software. Open Source Software is usually licensed using ‘CopyLeft’ license, a term which emphasizes the reversal of principal of copyright and the freedom to modify and/or re-distribute the software.

Linux emerged as the first highly successful open source software and it firmly established the power of the open source paradigm. Success of Linux provided great momentum to the open source movement and now there is a wide range of open source software in practically every area including operating systems, development tools, application servers, mail servers, project management tools, business applications etc. Some of the immensely popular open source software are listed in the table below:

Area Open Source Software
Operating System Linux, CentOS
Web/Application Server Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish
IDE Eclipse, NetBeans
Database MySQL, PostgreSQL
Software Testing Junit, Jmeter, Selenium, Watir
Reporting/BI Jasper, Pentaho, BIRT
Project Management/ Software Engineering
Maven, Bugzilla, OpenOffice, CVS, SVN, Ant, Cruise Control
Business Applications SugarCRM, Orange HRM, Compiere
Community Portals Drupal, Joomla, Wiki
Application Frameworks Struts, Spring, Hibernate

The Open Source model is endorsed by many leading names in the software industry - Google, HP, Novell to name a few.

We at Metacube are fully committed to supporting and contributing to the Open Source community. Metacube’s Open Source expertise spreads across the following areas:-

  • Developing applications using the LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl, PHP or Python) Suite.
  • Leveraging Project Management and Software Engineering tools in the software development life cycle, which includes tools like Maven, Ant, Cruise Control, SVN, CVS, Eclipse, Bugzilla and OpenOffice.
  • Extensive use of application development frameworks like Struts, Spring, and Hibernate in the development of complex high performance enterprise applications.
  • Rigorous use of unit testing frameworks like Junit, DBUnit, Cactus, NUnit by developers; as well as application testing tools like JMeter, Selenium and Watir by the software testing teams.
  • Implementation of Community Portals using Drupal
  • Implementation of Orange HRM
  • Some other common open source software used at Metacube include Tomcat, JBoss, Jasper etc.