Metacube is a Software Engineering Services company with experience in developing enterprise applications for a wide spectrum of domains including global trade management, supply chain analytics, manufacturing analytics, business continuity planning, CRM, content management and eCommerce. These applications have been developed on a variety of technology platforms.

Metacube has software product engineering services as a key focus area, and brings in successful working experience with several product companies financed by leading venture capital funds. These have been very demanding engagements challenging Metacube to deliver solutions that are generic, extensible, user friendly, and robust. Metacube also offers application engineering and software testing services.

Metacube has invested heavily in creating a powerful mix of human and infrastructural resources for offshore and onsite development and is positioned strategically for delivering world class solutions and services to its clients globally.

Product Engineering

Innovating continuously sustains growth and maintains competitive advantage. The difficulty faced by product companies is not short supply of creative ideas, but to ensure, the ideas are implemented rapidly using a repeatable process. Metacube’s greatest strength is in creating and managing captive engineering teams for software product companies that can translate ideas into products.

Our clients include product companies that have been financed by leading venture capital funds in the Silicon Valley such as Carlyle, Kleiner Perkins, Mayfield and Sequoia. With Metacube these product companies have tapped into a dedicated resource pool that is talented, scalable and economical. Metacube product engineers use agile approach and associated themes including continuous builds, automated testing, short iteration cycles, pattern based development, and refactoring for software development. Metacube is also adept at the art of distributed development through effective use of VPN, shared source code repository, defect tracking

Our experience with best practices in product engineering has resulted in rapid ROI for the clients.

Application Engineering

Metacube leverages its rich product engineering experience to deliver customized solutions to small, medium, and large organizations.

We have over the years handled a wide variety of IT projects, which have involved all or some phases of the system life cycle starting right from the feasibility study to system implementation and maintenance. Our services can be called upon for turnkey system development, system reengineering and migration, system quality assurance, system maintenance and application support. The system development and maintenance process used by Metacube has been refined over the years to ensure successful completion and delivery of the projects within budgets, on time.

Software Testing

With information systems becoming backbones to corporate strategy and enterprise effectiveness, the cost associated with failure of software solutions has become the driving force behind the growth of QUALITY ASSURANCE and SOFTWARE TESTING services.

Considering the immense opportunities in software quality assurance and testing, Metacube is offering software testing as an independent service. Our quality assurance services model is based on creating a dedicated software testing team that extends the in house engineering team of the client.

Our testing teams have contributed to the release of products and applications that are today used by many Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies worldwide including Chevron, Jhonson and Jhonson, Motorola, Unilever, and Cargill.

Domain Experience

Metacube has a long and rich experience developing enterprise applications for a wide spectrum of horizontal domains including global trade management, supply chain analytics, manufacturing analytics, business continuity planning, CRM and content management.

Metacube in the last couple of years has assiduously built its strength in Business Intelligence and the associated areas that include data warehousing, dimensional modeling, and online analytic processing. Metacube is today in a strong position to leverage its experience and insights in BI, to build powerful BI solutions for its clients.

Metacube has also gained rich experience in building and implementing on demand applications for enterprise. Software as a Service (SaaS) is gaining fast acceptance and is expected to emerge as the dominant delivery model in future, leaving behind the current on premise licensed software model.

Technology Expertise

Metacube has deep experience in the art of crafting architecturally sound software solutions. We place great emphasis on developing solutions that not only meet the requirements but are also efficient, verifiable, maintainable, and extensible.

In order to create superior enterprise grade software solutions we have built expertise in key fundamental areas such as object oriented paradigm, design principles, design patterns, and test driven development that are applicable to most technology platforms in use today. We have substantial experience with a variety of supporting tools for software processes like software repository management, builds, defect tracking, testing, and collaboration.

Metacube has constructed software solutions using a variety of platforms, technologies, and tools. However our forte is our ability to quickly learn and apply new technology by mapping it onto the right conceptual framework. Specifically we have developed n-tiered distributed enterprise solutions using both the J2EE and Microsoft .Net platforms.

Cloud Computing metaphor is slated to revolutionize the future of computing, and we are excited to be working on the leading cloud computing platforms like, Amazon and Google. We can help you leverage these platforms and integrate them in your future strategies.