With information systems becoming backbone to corporate strategy and enterprise effectiveness, the cost associated with failure of software solutions has become the driving force behind QUALITY ASSURANCE and SOFTWARE TESTING.

Metacube has been working with product companies during all stages of product life cycle and has been offering a variety of services including development, quality assurance and testing, documentation, and customer support. Considering the immense opportunities in software quality assurance and testing, we are offering quality assurance and testing as an independent service.

Quality Assurance Services Model

Our quality assurance services model is based on creating a dedicated QA team that extends the in house engineering team of the client. The fact that the extended QA team is dedicated to the client offers several advantages including team stability, knowledge retention, effective communication, team loyalty, and better interpersonal relationships thus providing maximum impact on the product quality.

Metacube offers flexibility in the degree of control the client exercises over the extended QA team. Based on client's own preference, the client's management control may lie anywhere between loosely coupled On-site and Off-shore teams to tightly coupled teams.

Integrating our testing teams with the development teams of some of the leading technology companies has enabled us to contribute to the release of products and applications that are today used by many Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies worldwide including Chevron, Jhonson and Jhonson, Motorola, Unilever, and Juniper Networks.

Services Offered

We can provide services for the complete software testing lifecycle including:

  • Development of test plans
  • Preparation of test cases
  • Creation of golden test data,
  • Development of test automation scripts
  • Execution of test suite, and
  • Tracking of defects through their lifecycle.

Quality Attributes

We can test software for various quality attributes including:

  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Robustness,
  • Performance
  • Compatibility
  • Internationalization
  • Security.

QA and Testing Tools

We have experience in a variety of testing and defect tracking tools including Silk Runner, Silk Performer, Quick TestPro, Ruby, Selenium, Watir, SoapUI, Mercury Test Director, and Bugzilla.

Our product engineering experience has also given us good understanding of automated unit testing tools like Junit, Nunit, and JWebUnit. We are also adept at using configuration management and build tools like CVS, Subversion, Perforce, VSS, ant, anthill, and Cruise Control.

Metacube Benefits

Using Metacube as the testing partner offers several advantages.

  • We have valuable experience of doing QA for some very demanding product companies and are capable of taking on tough challenges under strict deadlines.
  • The products and applications tested by us have been released to and are being used by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies around the world.
  • Products are not “One off “ applications. Product testing faces the unique challenge of managing testing, release, and deployment of several versions simultaneously. Experience with software products companies has provided us rich experience in managing several live versions of a product.
  • Our testing team in India coupled with your development team in US can reduce the time to market drastically by virtually working 24 hours.
  • Our Association with startups makes our prices very competitive.
  • We are very flexible, and you can start with a minimal QA team and ramp it up as your confidence and requirements grow.